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Day 5 - Part 2

Cameron makes a bomb, blows up the submarine and gives the triskel to the Banshee for eternal keeping.

The underground haunt

When Moira is gone leave the docks and go upstairs to the centre pillar.
Zoom in and click at the upper left circle.

You can see the laboratory door opening. Enter.
Here you might find ingredients for a bomb. Look in the cabinets. You can only open one of them.

Pick up everything you can.
Then look in the inventory and check what you have found.
Nitric acid, sulphuric acid, glycerol and a pipette.
Can you make a bomb of these things. Maybe you can find a recipe somewhere. Go to the bookcase and zoom in on the book. It is about explosives. Take the book.

It opens at a page describing how to make black powder and nitroglycerine.
Look at the ingredients and you'll see that you might be able to make some nitroglycerine. You have got everything except distilled water but you might find that among the beakers at the table.

Go to the table to the right of the door.
(Save the game for safety because if you do something wrong you'll blow it all up.)
Zoom in on the table. When you have done so you can't exit before your work is done.
There are two beakers on the table. The right one with a lip and the left one broader and containing distilled water. (You can't see it , you have to trust my word.)
Now you just have to follow the recipe.

Look in the inventory.
You shall start with 120 ml nitric acid. You have a small bottle containing 30 ml. Take it and put it in the right beaker. Look again in the inventory. You still have a bottle with 30 ml. (If you use an ingredient there is still a similar one left in inventory, isn't that great.) Since you need 120 ml you must take 30 ml three times more (30x4=120) and put it into the right beaker.
The sulfuric acid comes in bottles containing 20 ml. You shall use 80 ml. That means you have to pour four bottles of sulphuric acid into the beaker.
Last you shall add 5 ml glycerine. That is what the bottle contains so pour one bottle of glycerine into the beaker.
There is a chemical reaction and nitroglycerine is formed.

Take the right beaker which now contains nitroglycerine and pour the content into the left beaker (containing distilled water) to clean the nitroglycerine .

Get the pipette and place it in the left beaker to suck up the now cleaned nitroglycerine.

Now you must stabilize the nitroglycerine to be able to transport it without blowing yourself up.
Get the sawdust and pour it into the green bottle.

Then take the pipette and, very carefully, transfer the now stable nitroglycerine (or dynamite as it also is called) to the bottle.

Take the bottle with the stable nitroglycerine.
Check that it is placed in inventory.
Now you can zoom out.

Go to the room with the hatch an go down to the submarine.

Take the stairs to get on board.
Turn left and go forward to the aft of the submarine.
Put the bottle on the torpedo on the left side. (The bomb is now secured on the starboard side of the submarine.)

Cameron comments that he must get the triskel.

Exit the docks and go to the small room marked with 2 on the map. Go upstairs.

Zoom in at the control panel at the right wall and enter the code 532. (You ought to have found it earlier in Mc Grab's notebook.)

Open the door and enter the triskel-room.

Go forward to the triskel-chamber and unlock it with the platinum-key.
Open the door and put the triskel-chest into the chamber.
Don't touch the triskel.

Get the metallic pliers and use it to pick up the triskel.
Put the triskel into the chest and take the chest.

Go down to the tunnel with the circular stone and then forward to the cave with the three entries.
There you can use the map to get to the castle.


Go to the library, use the cane to open the study door and go upstairs all the way to the observatory.
Moira is waiting at the laser canon.
She gladly lets you do the shooting.

Zoom in on the window behind the telegraph.

You see the submarine coming, surrounded with the hologram of the Loch Ness monster.

Mc Grab is at the wheel.

When you see the submarine/monster again, aim the laser beam directly at it and click to fire. (You have a very short time to do this as the time line in the upper right corner shows.) When the time is out the submarine moves to another place and you must try again. But don't worry, you have an unlimited number of trials without having to reload in between, so at last you'll succeed.

You can see the laser-beam hitting the exact spot where you placed your bomb.

The bomb explodes, the hologram vanishes and the submarine is blown up and sinks.

Moira thanks Cameron for all he has done. His help has been invaluable.
But Cameron says that still has one more thing to do. He has a date with a lady.

The Celtic Cross

Use the map an d go to the Celtic cross.
The flower and the mead is still there. Put the triskel-chest there too.
The Banshee comes. She tells Cameron that she never doubted you.
From now on she will guard the triskel for ever to prevent it to once more fall into the wrong hands.
She leaves and the game ends.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Secret at Loch Ness, The Cameron files,
from WanadooThe pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.