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Day 5 - Friday, December 21:st

Part 1

Cameron goes to the underground, sees Mc Grab activate Sirdach, saves Mac Farley from being electrocuted and Moira from being drowned.

Castle Cellar

Look in your notebook and in Mc Grab's. Things are evidently going on both in the cellar and under water.
The easiest way to go to the cellar is to use the map and go the greenhouse.
Turn around, walk across to the cellar door, open it and enter.
Exit to the tunnel through the grind door.
Follow the tunnel to the cave with the three entries. The only tunnel you have not yet visited , is the one with the raven so go there.

When the tunnel ends you see a raised stone with a picture of the triskel and a laying big circular stone with astrological signs.
At the upper side of the pieces in the outer ring you can read the first letter in the Cardinal Points. At the side are the names of the two solstices and the two equinoxes. In Mc Grab's book you can read about them.
A ray of light is shining at the part marked S.
The Banshee told you to use the divine light on Alban Arthuan. It must mean that you shall rotate the stone and make the light shine on the part marked Alban Arthuan and N. Click twice at the outer ring and it is rotated to the correct place.

The inner part is adorned with the signs of the Zodiac. Mac Grab has written in his book:  Winter Solstice Capricorn. The Winter Solstice, or Alban Arthuan as the old Celts called it, falls just when Sagittarius ends and Capricorn begins. At the left picture you can see where you can find these two signs on the inner ring. Click five times at the inner ring and it will be correct rotated. When both rings are correctly placed you hear a loud sound.

Look at the raised stone with the triskel. It has been moved and a secret passage has opened. Enter it. You com to Mc Grab's secret place. It is a maze, bur a small one. To the right there is a map of it. Follow the dotted line and you'll survive the first lethal sequence. The numbers on the following pictures refer to the numbers on this map.

The passages around the rooms

You come upstairs at point 1. Turn left and follow the round room until you find a round window (a) where your pointer changes into a magnifying glass.
Click and you'll see Lord Mac Farley strapped to an electrical chair.
Zoom out and continue going left.

You come to a small room, similar to the one where you came upstairs, but here the stairs are going upwards. Go upstairs and have a look. A door with a picture of the triskel (2). Mc Grab gave a code to the triskel room but you can't enter as yet.
Go down and follow the dotted line on the map to the center of the maze (4).

Continue to the left and a bit further on you find another window (b), on the second round room . Click and you'll see a sort of laboratory.
Turn back a little bit and enter the third small room. It has no stairs but a hatch on the floor. It must be the way to the under ground docks Mc Grab mentions. It is not accessible.

Exit through the other door in the small room and you'll find yourself in front of a third window (c).
Save your game because a lethal timed sequence is following.
Click at the window and see Mc Grab talking to some hooded men, adorned with ravens. Mac Grab tells them that he has all the crystals and the triskel and will combine them to get the inexpressible power of Sirdach. Tonight he'll use it to destroy London.

He presses an orange button and you can see the triskel being activated.. One of the men mentions Mac Farley, and that Moira will be killed if she refuses to collaborate.
Mc Grab opens the door and lets the men out.
Turn right and take a quick step forward to hide.
You can see the shadows of the men leaving the room.

Mc Grab's Office

Return to the centre of the maze. The door to Mc Grab's room is open.
Enter and go to the back wall. Zoom in on the panel. There are many things you can click at, but just to switch on the power. The wheel turns.

Turn to the writing table and take the chest.
Open the drawer and pick up the key and the pliers.

Now it's time to free the poor lord who is strapped to the electric chair. But the room is locked.


Go out in the corridor and zoom in on the centre pillar.
Three circles with smaller turnable circular arcs. On one of them the arch openings correspond. Mc Grabs door is open. This must be a door opener.
Where you stand Mac Farley's room must be the right one. Click on the right circle to turn the arches. You can see the right door open. Go there and enter.

Mac Farley's room

Look at Mac Farley. He is strapped to the chair and wired to his head, hands and feet.
The wires lead to a box with three switches at the table nearby. Probably you have to flip the switches in a certain order, but which?
Do you remember the chair in Mac Farley's study. You found an instruction how to turn that one off. You still have the instruction in your wallet if you want to check.
First at the top of the chair, then at the armrest and last at the bottom of the chair. The same principle must be true here you only have to follow the wires from the chair to the box.
Easier said then done. But look at the wires that come from the feet. They are read. Look at the box. The read wires come from the left switch. The left switch shall be turned off last. Now you must try to follow one of the other wires. The wires from the head seem to be less entangled than the rest. Follow one of them and you'll find that they lead to the centre switch. Those wires are outlined at the left picture.
Now you know that you shall start with the centre switch and take the left as number three. This means that the right switch must come as number two.

Save your game for safety before you start flipping the switches.
Then click at them in the order given at the left picture.

The lord is free but still unconscious.
Take the bottle at the right of the table. It could be Mc Grabs best whisky, who knows

Give a draught of it to Mac Farley.
It worked.
Cameron tells him that Mc Grab has activated the triskel and united the crystal of Sirdach and is going to use its power this very night to destroy London and that the scoundrel has taken Moira as hostage.
Cameron promises to save Moira and to make a bomb and blow up the submarine.
The lord tells Cameron to meet him in the laboratory later and leaves the room.
Save the game. A timed sequence starts as soon as you leave the room.

Under water docks

Exit the room. You hear Moira scream and call for help. This starts a timed sequence.
Cameron in unsure if he shall make the bomb before saving Moira, but for a gentleman there can be no choice but saving Moira first, so start looking for her. They must have taken her to the submarine so pass the centre pillar and go to the room with the hatch (3). Zoom in on the access panel and enter the numbers 4 2 1. You ought to have found them in Mc Grab's notebook.
Open the hatch and go down.

Turn around and enter the docks,
You see the submarine lying there.
On the far left you can see a barrel. Walk there.

When you get there you also find a bucket. Zoom in on it and take the starry-key.
Turn around and walk forward.
A cage has been raised and hangs above the water and Moira is in the cage. The scoundrels are evidently going to drown her. You have to prevent this.
(Don't forget to check the time-meter now and then.)

From the cage runs a chain to the ceiling. Follow the chain with your eyes and you'll see that it follows the ceiling to the opposite wall and ends at a black pillar.

Walk to the pillar and zoom in on the panel near the floor.
Use the starry-key to the left of panel.

You must raise the cage to the pier and that means pulling the lever down, so click below the lever to pull it down.
The cage is raised and put on the pier and the timed sequence ends.
Walk to the cage and zoom in on it.

The cage is locked with a chain and a padlock. Use the pliers from the distillery (not the one from Mc Grabs room) and cut the chain.
Moira is free.
Cameron explains the situation and she goes to join her father in the laboratory.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Secret at Loch Ness, The Cameron files,
from WanadooThe pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.