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Day 4 - Part 2

Cameron searches for the abducted Moira, gets knocked out and nearly shot but finds Mc Grab's notebook and meets the Banshee again.

Outside the Castle

When you get to the top you see Fergus lying knocked out on the ground. You have to go for help.
Go towards the castle. You hear Moira scream. What has happened?


Go to the library. The door to the study is open. Enter.
The whole room is ransacked. Thieves must have been here.
Lady Mac Farley comes and informs you that Mac Grab is the guilty one. He has kidnapped Moira and taken her to the distillery. She tells Cameron to go to her room and take the pistol from the dressing table drawer. Cameron tells her that Fergus needs help.

Lady Mac Farley's bedroom

Go to Lady Mac Farley's room at the second floor.
Zoom in on the dressing table.
Open the drawer and take the pistol.


Use the map to get to the distillery quickly.
Go towards the waterwheel and enter the room.
Go to the wheelbarrow at the right wall.

Pick up the bag of sawdust between the wheelbarrow and the barrel.

Go through the store room and enter the distillery room.
The maid locks the door behind you.
Go forward and turn right.

Exit through the door at the opposite wall.
Bad luck, there is the maid hitting Cameron unconscious.
All is black.

Cameron wakes up in the cellar.
Open the inventory. Both the crystals and the triskel are gone.
Now you have to get out of here quickly.
The windows are barred but if you could remove some bars you might be able to crawl out.

Turn left and go to the window wall. Take the leather strap hanging there.
Zoom in 0n the rightmost window and use the leather strap on the bars and you attach one end of it there. (It doesn't show but it is done.)

Turn around and go to the opposite wall. There you find a winch. Attach the other end of the leather strap to the winch by using the leather strap on it. (It wont show either.)

Click at the winch to start the motor and pull the bars off the window.
Go to the window and climb out.

Save the game as soon as you come out.
A lethal timed sequence follows.
Look down and pick up your bag.
When you look up again you the opposite door is opened and the maid comes out pointing a gun at you.

Open the inventory and get the pistol, and do it quickly.
Aim at the bag, hanging over her head, and fire.
The bag falls down and knocks the maid unconscious.

Zoom in on the maid lying on the ground.
Open her bag and take the book.
Look at in inventory. It is Mc Grab's notebook and you read about something called Alban Arthuan.
Close the inventory.
The Banshee comes and tells you that Alban Arthuan is the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. That night good and evil will confront each other.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Secret at Loch Ness, The Cameron files,
from WanadooThe pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.