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Day 3 - Part 2

Cameron breaks his key and is helped by the banshee, interprets the runes and uses the raven to open a door.


Use the map to go to the chapel or just walk there.
Unlock the chapel door using the chapel key.
Ah, it was too old, it just broke.
How can you now get the triskel?

The banshee comes to your help. A little cryptically as ever she tells you there are two ways to find the damned triskel.
One of the flesh and earth that is already destroyed and the other of knowledge and sky. The key is found in the book of Kelia.
The first part must refer to the broken key. And then the sky, could it mean that you should try to get in from the roof.
Turn right and take a step forward then look left. If you had a rope you might be able to climb the roof in the corner. But where can you find a rope. Boats need ropes. Maybe there are ropes at the boat ramp.

Boat Ramp

Walk from the chapel to the boat ramp or use the map to get to stone bridge and from there walk to the boat ramp.
Go to the chest where you found the oars. Break the lock whit the pliers. Open the chest and take the rope and the grapnel.
Use the map to return to the chapel.


Go R, F, L, F.
Combine the grapnel with the rope in inventory. Use the combination on the corner of the chapel roof.

Cameron trows the grapnel and uses the rope to climb the chapel roof.

Up there is a big ornament. In the middle a picture of a Celtic triskel and around it signs looking like runes. Do you recognize the signs.
You saw them earlier in the book of Kelia. Open the book in inventory and page to the picture of the signs.

Compare the signs on the stone with the signs in the book and decide which letters they represent.
On the left picture you can see the signs and the letters.
You get the letters R, C, D, S, A, I, H.
It is easy to see that they can form the word SIRDACH.
The document you found in the box behind the picture, said that the door would half open if you wrote the name in correct order.
Click at the signs in the order shown by the numbers at the left picture.

The stone turns and half the opening is accessible as the document promised,
Use the rope with grapnel in the opening and Cameron climbs down and lands at some decorated stones on the floor. Round the decoration are three pillars with a high stone on each. The Celtic preference for trinity. Faces with green jewel eyes are carved on the stones.

Turn around and look at the wall behind you. There is a big picture. Look closer at it and read the inscription.
"Risen from ancient times, King, Queen and knight will cross glances and discover the path of the inexpressible power."
A trinity again, it must refer to the green eyed faces.

The stones are placed to form the corners in a equilateral triangle. If you turn them to make the faces look towards the middle of the triangle their glances will cross there.
Start with the stone on the left picture. Turn it twice to make the face look at you. Go to the other two stones and turn each of them three times.

When the three faces cross their glances, a trapdoor is opened and you can see some stairs.
Go downstairs and you are in the crypt.
You can see the Celtic triskel on a pillar.
Pick up the triskel.
Bang! The trapdoor closes and you are trapped in the crypt.

Look at the door behind the pillar. There you can see the picture of a raven.
Think about the writing on the raven in the hologram experiment. The raven will open the path.
Put the raven on the pillar and the door will open.
Exit the crypt and follow the tunnel until you come to the cave with three tunnels. Turn around and you'll see that you came through the tunnel with the Celtic cross.
Now you can return to the castle by taking the long way through the tunnel with the Mac Farley coat of arms.


You can also take the easiest way and click at the castle on the map.
Which way you take you'll end up with the Indian butler Shastra in the main hall.
Cameron is told that the collaboration between Mc Grab and Mac Farley ended a year ago when they disagreed about the use of their research.
Shastra also tells him that the people in the village thinks that the monster Nessie has returned but that Mac Farley had his suspicions that something else was going on. Shastra does not want to reveal his own thoughts, he wants to wait for Mac Farley to return and take care of the whole thing.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Secret at Loch Ness, The Cameron files,
from WanadooThe pictures are taken from the game.
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