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Day 3, December 19:th

Part 1

Cameron uses the telegraph and gets an answer, makes a holographic experiment and gets some enigmatic messages.


Go down to the library.
Use the cane on the engraved picture in the niche to open the study.
Enter the room and go behind the big desk.
Open the drawer. Take the Indian dagger and the observatory key.

Turn around and look at the portrait of Lord Mac Farley.
The pointer shows that you should do something with the picture. But what?
Turn around. Walk upstairs and enter the laboratory.


To the left you see a metal door.
Use the key you just found to unlock it.
Open the door and take the stairs to the observatory.


There you find the telegraph. Open your wallet in inventory and look at the description.
Click twice at the telegraph to zoom in.
1 Start the telegraph by pulling the upper right lever.
2 You shall contact Scotland Yard so enter the number 75436.
When you have done so the green light comes on.

3 Enter your id-number 65. The red light comes on.

You now has to sent the fingerprints, Moira's code and your photo of Nessie, one at the time.
Zoom in on the right deck.
4 Put the paper on the right deck.
5 As there already is a blank paper at the left deck the device starts transferring the picture.
When it stops, put the next paper on the deck and when it is transferred send the last picture.

Zoom out. A signal is heard.
Zoom in on the left deck.
The telegraph starts again and then stops.
Take the paper and look at it in inventory. Scotland Yard confirms receiving your pictures and will answer within a day.

Zoom out. Turn around and zoom in on the big cabinet.
Open the door. Take the raven and the files.

Open the files in inventory. Mac Farley has collaborated with Mc Grab and the Indian butler Shastra. They have studied holograms maid from special properties of the Sirdach crystals.
There is also a picture showing how to use the rave, the disks and the crystal with a device. Since you have everything but the device you had better go looking for it.


Go down to the laboratory and go to the right of the metal door to the right end of the long table. There you find the device you are looking for.
1 Get the amber disks and click at the spot marked 1 (see right picture).
2 Get the mirror disks and click at the spot marked 2.
3 Put the raven at the spot marked 3.
4 Put Mac Farley's crystal at the spot marked 4.

The device is activated and a new raven is created.
This time with an inscription.
"If you seize the Celtic triskel only the raven know how to open the path."


Go upstairs to the telegraph. Zoom in on the left deck.
The device is activated and a document is transferred. Take it.
You get a second document and after you have picked it up a third document is transferred.
Look at them all in inventory.
The first document is a letter from Scotland Yard. The fingerprints belongs to the Whisky negotiator Bruce Mc Grab, former chemistry professor.

They want to know more about the monster because the silhouette is similar to that of a submarine that Mac Farley worked on, in collaboration with the Royal Navy's military research services.
The second document shows their drawing.
The third document is Ma Farley's letter. He writes that the crystal is meaningless without the Celtic triskel buried in the chapel. The key to the chapel is hidden behind the portrait in his study.


Go down to the study and zoom in on the portrait. Click at it and it is moved to show a box.
The box is locked, but use the Indian dagger to open it.
Take the key and the document. Read the document in inventory.
"I am the stones of power.
But also the messenger of the gods.
I will half open the passage to the one who in the proper order will know how to write my name."

This means you have to find the chapel.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Secret at Loch Ness, The Cameron files,
from WanadooThe pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.