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Day 2 - Part 2

Cameron finds Mac Farley's crystal and falls in the moat, but is saved by Fergus and meets Moira.

You come to the park near the greenhouse.
Turn left and follow the path to the castle and enter through the main door.
You can also use the map. Click somewhere inside the picture of the castle and you are taken to the entry hall.
Go to the library.


Go to the niche and use the stick on the etched picture.

To the right a secret door opens and you can enter Mac Farley's study.


To the left is a bookcase. In the lower pare are two small cabinets but they are locked.
Use the Chest key to open the right cabinet. It contains a safe. On the code lock there are Roman numerals.
Do you recognize the writing at the cabinet door from the document you found in the reception room. In that document there was a year written with roman numerals.

The year at the document is MCCXCV (1295).
Enter the corresponding signs on the code lock and you can open the safe.
Take the paper lying there.

Look at the paper in Inventory. You find it as usual in your wallet.
It is a painting of a chair, like the one you saw in the cellar and a glove made of metal.

Close the cabinet. Turn around and take the stairs to the next floor.

On your way you pass a chair. It must be the chair on the picture. But don't touch it yet. Remember the glove on the picture. Try to find a glove before you touch the chair.
A couple of steps from the chair there is a window but the handle is missing and you can't open it.


Continue upwards and open the door to the laboratory.
At the first table there is a German type of cross. Zoom in on it.
Behind the cross you find a metal glove and a handle. Take both.
Now you have what you need to examine the chair. Leave the laboratory and go downstairs to the chair.
Save your game. It's risky to manipulate the chair.


Look at the picture from the safe. The numbers at the paper (and at the left picture here) show the order to click at the different parts of the chair.
1 Upper left button.
2 Upper right button.
3 Right armrest.
4 Left armrest.
5 Lower right lever.
6 Lower left lever.

The seat opens and a hole with a sharp needle is shown.
Use the glove in the hole and you'll pick up something.
In the inventory you can see that you have found Mac Farley's crystal.
Save the game before you zoom out, because a timed sequence follows and you'll die if you are too slow.

When you zoom out a maid comes into the library and closes the door to the study. You are trapped in there. The window is the only way out. Turn left, take two steps forward and turn right. Zoom in, use the handle on the window and Cameron will climb out.

He starts to climb down using a rope but suddenly some evil person cuts the rope with an axe and Cameron falls head over heals into the moat. Then everything goes black.

Sitting room

You are lucky. Fergus Moore picked you up just in time and took you to the castle. (If you are too slow Fergus has left the spot and Cameron will drown.)

Moira is there too.
She talks of her father's worry about the crystal falling into the wrong hands. He sent a document to Scotland Yard but the document must be compared with the Book of Kelia and that has been stolen. Cameron tells her he has found the book. Moira asks him to telegraph all the documents he has found to Scotland Yard and ask them to send Mac Farley's document back. Cameron can then compare it with the Book of Kelia.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Secret at Loch Ness, The Cameron files,
from WanadooThe pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.