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Day 2, Tuesday December 18:th

Part 1

Cameron listens in on a conversation, takes a rowing trip and finds the things, stolen from the museum.

The library

You are in your bedroom. Exit to the hall. Take a step forward towards the bedroom of Lord Mac Farley. You hear voices but from which room?. Follow the corridor. The voices seem to come from the locked room there. Think about the floor plan downstairs. This room must lie above the library. There was a staircase in the library. Perhaps you can reach this room from the Library.
Go downstairs, through the double doors between the stairs. At the top of the doors you can see the Mac Farley coat of arms. Go to the library. A record has gone stuck on the gramophone and the sound is terrible. Take three steps forward and then turn left. Turn off the gramophone.

Look up across the room. In the upper left corner is a spiral staircase. Go there and take two steps upwards.

Then turn right and look at the ceiling.
Click when your pointer has changed to a lens.

Cameron carefully opens the trapdoor and sees Moira and Mc Grab having an argument.
Mac Grab wants access to her fathers study to look for the crystal but Moira doesn't trust him a bit.
Instead she wants to know what he is concocting in his distillery. She does not think that whisky is the right answer.

Go downstairs and across the room to the back wall. It looks as if there could be a door but you can't open it. In a niche there is a scroll and a book but you can't take it. You can only have a closer look at the engraving. That could be some sort of keyhole if you only could find the right sort of key.
The engraving looks like Nessie, with the humps on her back. She really looks nice here

Return to the outer hall. Take one step forward. Then turn around and look at the small bench to the left.
Someone has left a briefcase there.
Open it and take the letter and the signet ring.

At that moment Mc Grab comes going down the stairs. It is his briefcase.
Mc Grab asks Cameron to some and see him in his distillery this night at 8 p.m. He says Cameron can go there by boat.
Cameron on the other hand is not going to wait until 8 p.m., he is going there immediately.
Open the in inventory and your wallet and read the letter you picked up. What is really going on here?

Boat Ramp

You must go by boat to the distillery. The boat ought to found near the river. There are two ways to get there. One way is to use your newly found map.
Look at it. Move your pointer over the map. At some places the pointer changes into a go-arrow. This means that you can go to those places by clicking on the map. As you can see not all places are reachable from the map. You can't go directly to the distillery. The nearest you can come is to the stone bridge and just south of it is something that might be a boat ramp.
Click at the word Stone Bridge at the map and you will be taken there.
Turn around and take a step towards the castle. Turn left and take a step forward.. Then turn around and go forward twice and you are at the boat ramp.

Another way is to first exit the castle through the front door then go F, L, F, L, F, F, R, F, F and you are at the boat ramp.
Turn left. Zoom in on the oars and take them. Leave the padlock alone, you can't open it.

Instead turn around and use the oars on the boat.
Cameron jumps into it and starts rowing towards the distillery.

Outside Distillery

Just when you have landed at the distillery an armed guard comes round the house. He looks at you but then he enters the house without saying anything.
Walk up to the door and knock at it.
The man won't open the door he just peeps out. He looks evil and grumps "It's closed. Not a very friendly welcome.

Turn left, go forward and turn right.
Look through the window. The guard is sitting at the table reading a book.
He seems very occupied so perhaps you should sneak into the building without his noticing.
Turn around and take a step forward. Then turn right towards the barrels.

Zoom in on the barrels and take the pliers.
Zoom out.
Go L, F, R. Notice the water wheel. Then go F, F, R, F into the room

Go to the double doors on the back wall.
They are chained.
Use the pliers to cut the chain.
Save your game.
(Up till now there have been no risky moments but here you can be killed so beware.)
Open the door and enter the room.

Store Room

On the right wall is a door. You must be very careful not to be heard by the guard. On the floor in front of the door are some bottles. Don't go near them. Instead go straight forward. Then turn right and go forward. Open the door and enter the next room.


You are in the distillery. Go F, R, F, R and open the door to the guard's room.
Open inventory. Combine the chloroform flask with the rag to get a rag with chloroform.

Guard's Room

Use the rag with chloroform on the guard.
Cameron sneaks up to him from behind and puts the rag over the guard's mouth.
It takes only a few seconds before the guard falls asleep.

Zoom in on the bag, hanging at the back of the chair.
Open it and take the book.

In inventory open your wallet. You really must have a very big wallet to hold this big book. It is The book of Kelia that was stolen from the museum.
Open the book and look at the pictures. First you can see the very powerful crystal. Then somebody divides it into three parts and gives the part to three different clans for safekeeping just as the banshee told you.

The last big picture shows some letters combined with strange signs. Looks like a code-book. Perhaps you find a code to translate somewhere.
Zoom out and look at the floor to your right. Zoom in on the stick.

Do you recognize the figure. It is just like the carving in the library. This must be the key you're searching for.
Click at it and take the key.
Zoom out. Don't forget to take the stick before you leave. It must be Mac Farley's stick. It is evident that he has been here.

Where is the Cellar?

Exit the guard's room and go through the distillery to the store room. Take a step forward and look down. There is water running but something looking like a door handle is vaguely showing.
You can't reach it though. You must first remove the water.
Do you remember the Water wheel you saw earlier. If you can stop it the water ought to stop flowing. Exit the store room. Turn left, pass the ramp to he other side of the room.

Turn left and go to the water wheel.
Look at the small stone. You are evidently meant to use something there.
Try the stick you just found.
It worked. The wheel stopped and the water ceased flowing.
Return to the store room Now you can see the cellar door.
Open it and climb down into the cellar.


It is very dark down there but turn around and you'll see a half open door. Enter the room.
It looks like a torture chamber. At the back wall is an electric chair. Under it there is a chest.

Go there and look at the chest. The lock looks like a raven. Open the chest. Take the amber disks and the mirror disks. They were also reported stolen from the museum.
Click at the chair to move it and look at the door. It is locked. There is a picture of a raven at the door. There is also a picture of a raven on the signet ring you found in the briefcase. Use the ring on the door to unlock it. Then open the door and enter the tunnel.

Walk forward until you come to a big cave with three tunnels leading out from it.
Over the left tunnel is a picture of a raven. Over the middle tunnel there is a Celtic cross and over the right tunnel you can see Mac Farley's coat of arms.
Enter that tunnel and walk as far as you can get.

You come to a grid door. Open it and enter the room. You have come to the castle cellar.
Have a look around.

In the big brown chest to your left you find diving-shoes and a diving helmet.
In the brown cabinet at the back wall there is diving-suit
You can't take anything but now you know where to find then if you need them
To the right of the cabinet is a door. Go there and exit the cellar.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Secret at Loch Ness, The Cameron files,
from WanadooThe pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.