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Day 1 - Monday, December 17:th

Part 2

Cameron is trapped in the attic, meets a banshee and is told the history of the crystals

The Attic

Go L. F. L. F, F, F, F, F, R, F, R, F, L, F, L, F.
Use the passkey to unlock the attic door. Then click at it to open.

Cameron enters the attic but someone bangs the door close and he is trapped. It is nearly completely dark.
Turn a little to the right until you get a go-arrow and click to take one step forward.
Search to the right until the pointer changes into a magnifying-lens.

Click and you see that it is a candle holder. Put your candle in the holder.
Suddenly you have six candles.
Use the matches on the candles to light them.

In any case there is a little more light. Move the pointer just a little left until you get a go-pointer. Take a step forward. Then search for a new go-pointer a little to the right. Take another step forward.

Turn completely around and look at the chests.
Take the crowbar.

Zoom out. Turn around and take a step forward.

Zoom in and open the door.
There is something in the cabinet.
Take it.
Open the inventory. You don't seem to have got anything. But click at the object in the lower right corner. You have found a map of the surroundings of the castle.

Study the map. You can see the cross Lady Farley talked about. Then there is a chapel and a small greenhouse. A stone bridge leads to the other side of the river and there you can find a menhir and the whisky distillery.
Go R, F, R, F, L. Look at the small table.

Open the box and take the photo album.
There are five pictures in all. One of Cameron's father and one of Mc Grab, who wrote the letter to Cameron. They other three are of Lord and Lady Mac Farley and their daughter Moira.

Take the picture of Lord Mac Farley. You need to know what he looks like if you should find him somewhere.
Turn right and walk up the steps. There is nothing to do up there so turn around again and walk down

Suddenly a sound is heard and Cameron looks at the barred window.
Walk up the steps again. Look at the barred window. Now you can use something on it.
Take the crow-bar and use it on the window.

Look out through the window.
It must be old Nessie performing. She must have made the sound heard. It is well worth a photo.
Get your camera from inventory and use it on Nessie. Don't forget to take the photo.
Turn around an d take a step forward to the door. It is locked but use the crow-bar to open it.

Walk to the end of the long corridor. There is a trap door. It must be the one leading to the laundry room. Open the trap door.
Cameron climbs down into the laundry room.

Laumdry Room

But what is going on. A green neon-shimmering transparent figure is floating around. She seems to be beckoning to Cameron to follow her.
Cameron fells a sudden urge for a stiff whisky. He has got a pocket-flask but no glass. Where can he find a glass in this house.

Sitting Room

There where some glasses earlier in the sitting room.
Go down there and look at the small table at the fire place.
There is a glass.
Take the pocket-flask from your inventory and use it on the glass.

Cameron pours himself a whisky from the flask. But what on earth is this? Whisky on the rocks?
Take the thing from the glass and look at it in inventory. It is Cameron's own crystal, the one he was asked to bring to Scotland. Nice hiding place if you can remember it.

Reception Room

Now you must try to find the banshee.
Look at the picture of her.
There are some flowers and a carafe. She probably like those things.
You ought to give her something like that to make her show up.
Exit the room. Walk forward and enter the opposite room.

It is the reception room. Perhaps you can find something here.
Go forward to the window wall. In the left you find a drinking cabinet.

Open the cabinet. You find a replica of the carafe on the picture.
Take it. It contains mead.
Walk to the upper right corner of the room.
There is a cabinet but it is locked.
Get your pocket knife and use it to open the cabinet.

Zoom in on the chest and open it. It contains only an old document. An Auld Alliance treaty from October 1295, but totally unreadable.
There must be other rooms to examine in this big castle.


Go forward turn left and go through the double door between the stairs . You are now in the inner corridor.
Turn slightly left and go forward into the left corridor.

Again turn slightly left and go forward then turn right and open the door to the library.

Beside the sofa stands a small table. (At the arrow on the right picture.)
Go to it.

Zoom in on the table. Open the book. There are pictures of flowers. Turn the pages until you find the banshee's flower.
It is a delicate orchid and the picture also shows that it has to be cultivated in a greenhouse.
Remember the greenhouse on the map? Now is time to visit it.

Searching for the Banshee

Return to the outer hall and exit to the park.
Take one step forward.
Turn right and follow the path round the castle.

After a few steps you can see the greenhouse.
Go to it and enter.
Take a step forward and turn left. (See arrow at right picture.)

Use your knife to cut the flower.
Exit the greenhouse and return outside the castle door. Turn right and walk towards the sea down to the Celtic Cross.

Place the flower and mead carafe at the foot of the cross and teh banshee will arrive.
She tells you the story about the crystal of Sirdach, that is written in the book of Kelia. (The book that was stolen from the museum.) The crystal has an immense power and in the wrong hands it can do great damage. The history tells that to prevent this a woman stole the crystal and divided it into three parts. These parts were given to three Scottish Clans for safekeeping. One crystal was given to the Camerons the second to the Mc Grabs and the third to the Mac Farleys. Now there is an evil man who wants to unite the crystal and use the power for a sinister plan.
On parting she gives Cameron a warning. Beware of women and whisky!

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Secret at Loch Ness, The Cameron files,
from Wanadoo The pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.