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Cameron's office in Chicago

Alan Parker Cameron a private detective with Scottish ancestors has his office in Chicago and is happy with the hustle and bustles in the gangster capital of the thirties.

When the game begins Cameron is looking at a photo of the beautiful Moira and thinking about his last case.
The brave Moira who risked her life to save his father's. It was also thanks to Moira that Cameron himself survived and was able to return to Chicago.
And all this because his father had given him the same crystals as those own by the Mac Farley's.

It all began with a telegram from an old friend of his father's.
The famous physicist and owner of Devil's Ridge Manor, Allister Max Farley, asks Cameron for help. For some time now there has been an increasing number of ghosts and supernatural phenomena at the manor and Mac Farley wants Cameron to find the cause of this.

A bit curious and hoping for a nice and quiet vacation Cameron accepts and returns to his ancestral land near Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands.
But its tranquillity is deceptive. Under the surface it is everything but calm.

Day 1 - Monday, December 17:th

Part 1

Cameron meets Lady mac Farley, learns about the kidnapping and starts to investigate

Devil's Ridge Manor

Cameron arrives to the manor by car. He knocks at the door and is met by the Indian butler, who tells him he is expected but that Lord Mac Farley is unavailable at the moment.
He asks Cameron to wait for Lady Mac Farley in the sitting room.
From now on you are playing the part of Cameron.

Sitting Room

Take a step forward and Lady Mac Farley will enter.
She is very worried and tells you that her husband has been kidnapped and that her daughter Moira has vanished too. Else Moira would have been able to tell you all about what has happened.
Then she faints but soon regains consciousness and is taken away by the butler.
Before he goes he informs you that your bedroom is at the second floor.

When they leave you can see that the lady dropped her locket on the sofa.
Walk to the sofa and take a look at it.
It looks as if there might be something lying there, but you can't take it


When you are lonely again take a look at your inventory,
Right-click to get it.
You have not picked up anything yet but at the bottom you can find your notebook and your wallet.

Look in the notebook.
It is filled in as the game goes along.
As yet not much has happened, but Cameron has made a note of what to do next.

First of all, get the bag in my room.
Explore the castle and pick up Mac Farley's tracks.
Start with the kitchen, man. There are always things to discover in kitchens...
And remember to look at what she dropped at the bed.

Saving and loading games

Save often. You might want to, once more, listen to a conversation, that is not possible to repeat.
Bust more important, there are difficult passages in the game that might lead to GAME OVER!
To save a game first press the Esq-key and chose Save.
You are taken to a room with pillars where there are 8 places where you can save a game. If you think that this is not enough, here is what you can do.

Create a new folder in the folder that holds the game. (If you followed the directions given the folder is called Lochness.) Give the folder a name for instance Saves. Then create several sub-folders in the folder Saves (Set1, Set2, ...). When you have saved your eight games, and no empty space is left, leave the game by pressing Alt + Tab. Open Explorer. Find and open the folder Lochness. There you'll find 8 files named Saved_1.bin, Saved_2.bin,, Saved_3.bin, ..... Saved_8.bin. Copy these files to the first sub-folder Set1. ( Make a note somewhere to which part of the game the files belong. The name does not give any clues.)
You can then return to the game and when you want to save the next time just save over the old ones one at a time. Repeat this sequence as many times as you please.
(You can remove the old files if you like but be careful not to remove any other files.)
When you later wish to reload one of your saved games first quit the game. Then find the sub-folder Where the games you want to load are saved.. Copy all the files in that folder to the map Lochness. Restart the game. Press the Esq-key and choose Load. Now you should be able to find the file you want to load.


Walking directions are from now on given like this:

L = Hold down mouse button and drag leftwards to turn left.
R = Hold down mouse button and drag rightwards to turn right.
F = Click the go-arrow once to move forward one step.
D = Hold down mouse button and drag downwards to look down.
U = Hold down mouse button and drag upwards to look up.
Walk like this to get to the guest room, your bedroom: R, F, L, F, L, F, L, F, L, F, R.

Open the door and enter the guest room.
Walk to the small table to the right of the window and zoom in on it.
Then click at the letter to open it.

Read the letter. Someone named Bruce Mc Grab is promising you to double your fee for your services and the crystal. Something to think about?
Go to the bed and grab your bag.

Open the inventory. Now you have got a lot of things. When you point at something you get a close-up of it at right. Check everything you have got. You'll be using it all in due time.
Look at your wallet and you'll find the telegram from Mac Farley. Read it. Strange that everybody seems so interested in your crystal. Better keep it safe.


Return to the sitting-room.
Walk to the desk to the left in the room.
There is a paper on the desk. Click at it to read it.
There has been a theft at Edinburgh Museum. The book of Kelia, written by the ancient Celts has been stolen. The police have found no trace of the thieves. Some days ago a collection of amber disks were stolen from the same museum

There is a thick book to the right of the desk. Zoom in on it. It's about Electricity and Magnetism.
Examine the while room.
There are evidence of two persons having been in the room but then suddenly left it.
- On a table an unfinished game of chess can be seen.

- At a small table in front of the fire there is a bottle of whiskey and beside it two half-filled glasses.

- At a coffee-table two cups filled with coffee are untouched.

Don't forget to look for Lady ;Mac Farley's dropped locket.
Go to he sofa. Now you can look closer at it.
Your pointer has changed to show that you can move something.
Click to lift the cushion.
There you find the locket.

Click at the locket to get a close-up. Click once again to open it.
Inside you find a key and some pills. Take all of it.
You can't take the locket so leave it where it is.

Leave the room through the door to the left of the sofa.
You come to a big hall.
Turn left just a little bit until you get a go-arrow.
Enter the nearest corridor.
Follow it to the end.


Look right and you'll see the white kitchen-door.
Open the door and enter.
On the opposite wall to the right of the screen you can see a dumbwaiter.
On the back-wall to the right of the fire-place is a sink.
At the back there is also a staircase to the next floor.


Go to the sink and zoom in on it.
Take the rag hanging to the right in the sink.

Return to the door where you came from, turn and look right.
Just beside you on the right wall is a small cabinet.
Go to it and get it in close-up. Click to open it.
Get the rightmost key. (It is the only key you can take.)

A bit further away at the right wall there is a table.
Go to the table, zoom in on it and open the drawer.
Take the matches and the candle.

A bell starts ringing. It is Lady Mac Farley wanting something.
Go to the dumbwaiter. There is a teapot and a cup of tea waiting.
Pull the lever to the right and the tea will be sent up.
A used teacup is coming down instead.
Go to the back of the kitchen and take the staircase to the next floor.

Turn right and go forward.
Take the spiral-stairs to the next floor. It gets totally dark but just go on forward. Eventually you come to the corridor at the second floor.


Turn around and enter the left door.
It leads to the laundry-room.

Notice the ladder in the corner at the back. It leads to the attic.
Go to the dumbwaiter at the right wall. Zoom in and take the cup of tea. (The tea-pot seems to have vanished.)
Exit the laundry into the corridor. Turn right and take a step forward

Lady Mac Farley's room

You are near the staircase in the great hall. To the left is the guest-room your bedroom. At the back to the right of the staircase is Lady Mac Farley's room. Go there and enter the room.
The lady seems nearly unconscious. She ought to be helped to brighten up a bit. Maybe those pills you found could do the trick.

Open the inventory and click at the blue pills.
Then move the pointer to the cup of tea. You shall see the pills above the cup as shown at the left picture. Click and the two are combined. Check in the inventory that you now have a cup of tea + pills.

Give the drugged tea to Lady Mac Farley. She drinks it and starts to talk about three jewels and a banshee who is waiting for them in the garden. She says the banshee could help and tells you to look for the banshee at the Celtic Cross. She also tells you to look in her chest of jewels. Then she falls asleep again.

Turn around and walk to the chest of drawers at the left wall.
Open the upper drawer and take the bottle.
Look at the bottle in the inventory.
It contains chloroform.

Walk around the bed to the marble topped table.
Open the drawer and take the scroll.

Look at the scroll in inventory. It is a picture of the banshee. Her arms are outstretched, forming a cross. At one side she has two orchids at the other a carafe.
Turn around and go to the bathing area.

Go to the table and zoom in on the chest of jewels.
Use the small key you found in the locket to unlock it.
Click again at the chest to open it.
Take the attic key.
Exit the room.

Lord Mac Farley's room

Go L, F, L and use the passkey to unlock Lord Mac Farley's door. Then open it.
Turn left, go to the bookcase and zoom in on it. Open the glass-door.

Take the memorandum to the left of the thick book.
If you pick up a paper of some sort it is always put in your wallet.
Open the inventory and click at your wallet. Then click at the memo to read it.
It describes how to use the telegraph. Remember where you have the memo, you will need it later.

Go to the other end of the room and get behind the small table.
Zoom in on it and open the drawer.
Mac Farley evidently has an appointment with the same Mr. Mc Grab who wrote you a letter.
Wonder what it means?

Click to the left on the top of the table to get a close-up-
Those marks must be fingerprints. Use first the copper oxide and then the ink on them.

Use a blank paper on the prints to get an impression. Take the print to put it in your inventory.
Leave the room and enter the corridor.

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To the previous pageThe story is written by MegaZina and based on the game The Secret at Loch Ness, The Cameron files,
from Wanadoo The pictures are taken from the game.
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